When you understand the college admissions process, you can maximize your chance of success.

Why not put yourself ahead of the pack?

Two award-winning professors, a former admissions officer at a major university (now a counselor at a prestigious high school), and a gifted high school senior (now in the throes of the college admissions process himself) team up to offer you over 600 tips, techniques, and strategies to help you get in to the college of your choice.

Comprehensive, yet easy-to-read, this book will teach you:

  • How to size up the colleges you're considering and come up with a coherent list.
  • What are college nights, college fairs, and college rep visits and how you can use each to your advantage.
  • What are "holistic", "contextualized", and "legacy" admissions and how each can work for you.
  • How some schools count "demonstrated interest" and how you can take advantage of this little-known fact.
  • What are Early Decision, Early Action, and Single-Choice Early Action and whether any is right for you.
  • How to figure out the true costs of college, and what is the difference between "need-" and "merit-based" aid.
  • What it means when colleges say they meet "100% of demonstrated financial aid" and what "loan-free" means.
  • When and how to make campus visits and what to do on each.
  • How to prepare for each section of the ACT or SAT and how to increase your scores.
  • What admissions officers are looking for in your application and how to give it to them.
  • How to write the all-important Common App essay and present your extra-curricular activities.
  • How to prepare for an alumni interview and present yourself in the best light.
  • Whom to ask for letters-of-recommendation and how to help them write the best possible letter.
  • How to compare your final offers and, in some cases, substantially improve them.
  • When it's good to wait out the "wait list" and when not.
  • -and much, much more.