The Professors' Guide to Getting Good Grades in College is organized around the five 'grade-bearing' moments of the college semester -- those times when As are won and lost, and when the choices students make will directly influence the grades they receive. These moments are:
Watch 'First Day of Class' Animated VidlitTM
Watch the First Day of Class Vidlit(TM)
  1. The Start -- in which you will learn the 10 most common myths students have about college; the inside story of how professors really grade; and how to pick courses with an eye to grades -- and to learning.
  2. The Class -- in which you'll learn how to evaluate the lecturer, decode the syllabus, and decide when to drop; how to take excellent lecture notes and stay focused during lecture; and how to prepare for class, master seemingly unmanageable reading, and excel in discussion-section.
  3. The Exam -- in which you'll learn the 13 best strategies for preparing for tests; how to ace exams by adjusting your attitude; and what to do after the exam to correct your mistakes and refine your techniques.
  4. Watch 'Hooking Up With the Professor' Animated VidlitTM
    Professors' Guide Hooking Up With the Professor Vidlit(TM)
    The Paper -- in which you'll learn how to distinguish two main types of college papers, analytical and research; how to figure out exactly what the assignment is asking, and how to do library and internet research; how to enlist the help of the professor in developing your ideas; and the 10 best tips for constructing the perfect paper.
  5. The Last Month -- in which you'll learn the 4 hazards of the last month of the semester (and how to avoid them); how to best manage your time to maximize your chances of success; and the 17 best strategies for acing the final.

Once you've learned the secrets of college success, college will never look the same. And your grades will never be the same. The Professors' Guide to Getting Good Grades in College is a must-read for college students (beginning and advanced), high-school students contemplating college, and parents of any child even thinking about college.

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